Xin Tian Di

Quezon City, Philippines

Xin Tian Di, which means "New Heaven and Earth," represents the authentic essence of Chinese flavors.

Achieving a culinary milestone, it proudly stands as the first in the country to embrace the latest duck oven technology, allowing for the classic preparation of wood oven duck in a traditional style.

Beyond its culinary excellence, Xin Tian Di offers a warm and inviting atmosphere. The restaurant features five spacious private rooms, ideal for hosting events, meetings, or gatherings. These diverse spaces enhance the overall dining experience, providing a comfortable and intimate setting for guests to enjoy the carefully curated variety of Chinese cuisine.

Skillfully prepared to deliver sensational flavors, Xin Tian Di promises a delightful and authentic Chinese experience, whether indulging in a meal or hosting a special occasion.

Features & Facilities

  • Chinese Cuisine
  • À la Carte Menu
  • Open for Lunch & Dinner
  • Gourmet Buffet
  • Complimentary WiFi Available
  • Accommodation Available
  • Air Conditioning

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