Manzherok, Russia

The Tengri panoramic restaurant is the main gastronomic project of the Manzherok Resort.

It was named after the Turkic concept that means heavenly, and it truly lives up to its name! Just as Turkic peoples honored heavenly gods and forces of nature, so the project team strives to restore human contact with nature.

The concept of the Tengri restaurant is based on the gastronomic trend of seasonality and locality. The restaurant has become the heart of the five-star hotel of the Manzherok Resort and a place of attraction for guests, regularly offering conceptual gastrodinners and wine tastings. The restaurant offers magnificent panoramic views of the mountains and lake, live music, a truly memorable interior, and a fine dining menu that introduces guests to local products and the cuisine of Altai.

The extensive wine list and high-level service are an essential part of the restaurant's hospitality, and they help make the experience of staying in a five-star hotel even more incredible and multifaceted.

Features & Facilities

  • Accommodation Available
  • Locally Sourced Produce
  • Haute Cuisine
  • Panoramic Views

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