Tallinn, Estonia

Mediterranean cuisine is much more than just food – it is a symbiosis of rich history and culture, where each dish tells stories, and each flavour takes you on a journey through time.

At ROOF restaurant, they offer you not only authentic Mediterranean tastes but also the opportunity to dive into a “social eating” experience, where sharing food with friends and family is as important as the delicious dishes themselves.

Their menu is inspired by the healthy Mediterranean diet, known for its positive impact on health. ROOF restaurant is not just a place to eat, but a place where you can enjoy great dishes made from high-quality ingredients with real passion and dedication.

ROOF offers not just excellent food, but also a wonderful view of Tallinn city and Lembitu Park, creating a cozy and pleasant atmosphere that compliments your dining experience. Come and experience the richness and culture of Mediterranean cuisine with their carefully selected social combos, where quality and hospitality go hand in hand.

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  • Mediterranean Cuisine
  • Sharing Style
  • Food To Share
  • Magnificent Views
  • Fine Dining

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