Crete, Greece

Like a step back in time, Rodies Restaurant offers a snapshot of a traditional Crete.

Named after the abundance of pomegranate trees that take centre stage and grace its poolside courtyard, Rodies Cretan Restaurant, pays homage to Crete’s most time-honoured recipes via Chef’s Michalis Markakis authentic menu.

Recipes showcasing the island's rich culinary heritage and the distinct flavours of fresh, locally sourced ingredients. Their culinary team creates dishes with a focus on traditional Cretan recipes, local ingredients and fresh seasonal produce from local partnerships with farms and producers.

In alignment with the Cretan diet, where greens and vegetables, wild herbs and olive oil are revered, dishes are suitably honest and simple. A range of high quality meats and fish are cooked ‘parastia’ style over an open fire or “antikristo” style, in the outdoor kitchen at Rodies which, true to authenticity, fully operates without the use of electricity, relying solely on an outdoor stone oven and grill to prepare dishes.

With a backdrop of indigenous Cretan flora, palm trees, and local pomegranate trees, Rodies restaurant is an intimate poolside restaurant, featuring an open-air kitchen, and an island-inspired interior with decoration handcrafted pieces hewn by local artisans.

The space is defined by stacked earthenware, decorative Cretan baskets and shelves of ceramic vases and large pots on display. Rustic wooden chair seating and a large communal table anchor a series of nooks and hubs shaded by hanging plants and woven straw pendant lights. Indigenous wines and the Phaea Olive Oil are also a significant element of the offering, further cementing the restaurant’s standing as the most authentically Cretan venue at Village Heights Resort.

Features & Facilities

  • Cretan Cuisine
  • Locally Sourced Produce
  • Outdoor Open Fire
  • Indoor/Outdoor Dining Space
  • Poolside
  • Accommodation Available
  • Artistic Interior Design

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