Restaurante Sakura

Cancún, Mexico

Sakura Restaurant is a restaurant based on Japanese cuisine with Peruvian Nikkei influence, as well as the influence of the Japanese community in Mexico, resulting in a cuisine rich in traditions and intense flavors like Mexican and Peruvian cuisines but elegant like Japanese cuisine.

Sakura is a restaurant where we can find everything from signature sushi rolls to woks, baos, tiraditos, ceviche, sashimi, and salads. The atmosphere of the restaurant is festive, with live music and artistic happenings. The restaurant room is full of color and vibrant decoration, modern tables with high benches for a more dynamic and energetic experience.

In the lower part, right in the center and dominating the restaurant, we have the bars of both bar and sushi where everything is prepared and served fresh in front of the customer. Our menu changes every 6 months, and we are always looking to maintain a new and eye-catching offer so that our diners enjoy their experience to the fullest.

Features & Facilities

  • Modern Gastronomy
  • Japanese Cuisine
  • Asian Cuisine
  • Live Entertainment

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