Osaka, Japan

At Teppanyaki "MYDO," you can enjoy various upscale teppanyaki menu using branded Wagyu, as well as luxurious kaiseki cuisine served in authentic Japanese style.

Additionally, you can taste Osaka's soul food with a playful and stylish twist. The interior design of MYDO is led by GLAMOROUS, a design team supervised by designer Mr. Yasumichi Morita, which combines modern concepts and Japan's unique tradition of "in-ei reisan" (appreciation of shadows and light).

From the 40-meter-long art panel resembling Shoji screens, rhythmic yet beautiful light spills out. Moreover, a unique, energetic, and wit artwork representing Osaka, filled with LOVE & PEACE wishes, was directly hand-drawn by the renowned artist Mr. Seitaro Kuroda for over five days turning MYDO into an unconventional yet sublime luxurious artwork itself.

In this freely luxurious space equipped with counters divided into three areas and private rooms, you can fully enjoy the taste of Osaka and ultimately Japan.

Features & Facilities

  • Open for Lunch & Dinner
  • Teppanyaki Grill
  • Private Dining Rooms Available
  • Premium Tea Pairings
  • Wine Pairing
  • Grill Cooking
  • Japanese Cuisine
  • À la Carte Menu
  • Fine Dining
  • Chef’s Counter

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