Mr. Tailor Steakhouse

Doha, Qatar

Mr. Tailor Steakhouse takes inspiration from a tailor's meticulous approach and applies it to every dish with prime and unusual cuts carefully prepared to ensure exquisite flavor.

From the moment you step into the stylish dining room, you'll be transported to a world where passion for food meets exquisite craftsmanship. Every cut of meat is handpicked and prepared to perfection, ensuring each dish is a true masterpiece.

The chefs pay close attention to detail, ensuring that each component of every plate is perfectly balanced, resulting in a harmonious blend of flavors that truly tantalize the taste buds.

For a memorable culinary experience with friends and family, Mr. Tailor Steakhouse is the perfect destination.

Features & Facilities

  • Steakhouse
  • Bar in Restaurant
  • À la Carte Menu
  • Brunch Menu
  • Outdoor Seating Available
  • Private Dining Rooms Available
  • Fine Dining
  • Live Entertainment
  • Cocktails

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