MEGUmi Restaurant

Moscow, Russia

MEGUmi is a trendy Japanese restaurant that strives for perfection in taste.

A harmony of all the finest and rarest ingredients from all around the world, MEGUmi is a blend of traditional and modern Japanese delicacies, including 20 authentic products that are unique for the Moscow market. MEGUmi also offers a wide selection of Japanese sake.

Two Japanese and two Russian chefs are responsible for the cooking and servicing of these gastronomic masterpieces. The masterful chefs` work can be observed through the open kitchen at the restaurant.
A recent novelty of the Moscow's MEGUmi is an aquarium with fresh seafood.

True gourmets can now feast their eyes on the exotic marine life and enjoy fresh delicacies such as Kamchatka crab, oysters, lobsters, scallops and mussels.

Features & Facilities

  • Wine List
  • Japanese Cuisine
  • Sushi Selection
  • Private Dining Rooms Available
  • Fresh Seafood Daily
  • Open Kitchen
  • Artistic Interior Design
  • Modern Culinary Techniques

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