Lux Lucis

Forte dei Marmi, Italy

LUX LUCIS is home to the Michelin-starred cuisine of Chef Valentino Cassanelli.

Valentino’s dishes are a free expression of Italian cuisine, with an unrestrained creativity, drawing not only from his own life experiences, but also the rich biodiversity surrounding the coastal town of Forte dei Marmi.

Inspiration too comes from his close collaboration with Maître Sommelier Sokol Ndreko, with dishes often beginning with the flavour profiling of particular wines. The result are menus that are delicately balanced and elegant, happily journeying from land to sea and delivering the very best in seasonal ingredients.

Situated on the rooftop of Hotel Principe Forte dei Marmi, in a stunning landscape caught between mountains and sea, the 24-seat restaurant is ideally positioned to capture the aureate evening light, offering panoramic views over the town’s stone pines to the Apuan Alps in the east and westwards over the Tyrrhenian Sea.

The restaurant was awarded its first Michelin star in 2017.

Features & Facilities

  • À la Carte Menu
  • Italian Cuisine
  • Tasting Menu
  • Sommelier Service
  • Exclusive Wine Selection
  • Seasonal Produce
  • Rooftop Restaurant
  • Michelin Star Restaurant
  • Outdoor Seating Available

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