La Grande Table Marocaine

Marrakech, Morocco

La Grande Table Marocaine, an ode to Moroccan culinary excellence.

Since its opening, Chef Karim Ben Baba and his team set the challenge of making La Grande Table Marocaine the best gastronomic reference in the Kingdom.

Their respect for tradition, understanding of Morocco’s fertile terroir and its wonderful produce, and savoir-faire make this one of the country’s top gastronomic destinations. Some examples bear witness to these unique practices; Sh’hiwates or Moroccan-style vegetable salad. Shoulder of lamb, a signature dish, has a melting quality conferred by slow cooking at low temperature.

Features & Facilities

  • Moroccan Cuisine
  • Fine Dining
  • Artistic Interior Design
  • Accommodation Available
  • Open for Dinner Only

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