Bô !

Verbier, Switzerland

In the Valaisan dictionary*: Bô ? or Bô ! can be used in the interrogative or exclamatory form; it indicates surprise or astonishment.

Bô ! is a culinary adventure. The menu celebrates the Art of Taste and seasonality, cooking techniques are sustainable and healthy while respecting the product.

Gourmets are delighted as creativity is in the spotlight and invites to the discovery of an extensive range of new flavors. The dishes tell a story and highlight the best of the local soil combined with global influences.

A dinner at Bô ! is a memorable experience. Guests are invited to savor a vibrant, contemporary and multicultural signature cuisine that translates into emotion and creates a sense of sharing.

Features & Facilities

  • Magnificent Views
  • Fine Dining
  • Seafood Available
  • Grill Cooking

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