YUIMOM Group.SS.Bar.Spring

Kaohsiung, Taiwan

The bar blooming microcosm in the muse of spring.

SS Bar. Spring is designed under the concept of YUIMOM Group’s resonance to the ephemeral four seasons-Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter.
Under this concept, there are four individual restaurants:
AW Restaurant. Autumn
AW Café. Winter
SS Bar. Spring
SS Pâtisserie. Summer
that are created with a feeling of perseverance in the face of the passage of time.

In this project-SS Bar. Spring, the Starlit Sky Bar is a chic bar, combining fashion with technology. The entrance is divided into two areas: the cocktail bar area surrounded by LEDs that creates a feeling of cosmos, and the wine bar area with the formation of the planets. The audio-video wall features the Big Bang- the beginning of the universe, integrating sound, lighting, and visual effect design. The whole restaurant symbolizes human origins and explores the profound mysteries of life. The name “Spring Begetting,” also represents the beginning of the four restaurants- S.S.A.W.

SS Bar. Starlit Sky Bar, with a sense of technology in an illusory space, provides creative bartending and snacks and wine pairing.
Its (geographical) location is on the second floor of the serviced apartment. Except for fulfilling the needs for banquets and after work networking of the hotel’s long staying guests, this top-notch stylish bar located in downtown Kaohsiung is also the first choice for hangout, social gathering, and business meeting.

Features & Facilities

  • Cocktail Bar
  • Wine Bar

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