The Vorra Bistro

Chiang Mai, Thailand

The Vorra Bistro is more than just a restaurant; it represents an unwavering commitment to preserving culinary traditions while embracing sustainability.

Combining tradition and innovation, they offer an extraordinary dining experience that captures the essence of modern Chiang Mai. Each dish reflects their dedication to health and the environment, carefully prepared with freshly sourced ingredients bursting with flavor and nutrition. The Vorra Bistro proudly supports local communities and farmers, reduces their carbon footprint, and champions the principles of "farm to table" and sustainability. With a vibrant spirit, they pay homage to Chiang Mai's culinary heritage.

Embark on a culinary journey through traditional Italian cuisine at The Vorra Bistro, located in Old Town. Their menu showcases bistro dishes reminiscent of authentic Italian ristorantes, featuring hearty northern pasta dishes and delectable seafood specialties from the south. Whether you're an Italian cuisine connoisseur or seeking an exceptional dining adventure, The Vorra Bistro's traditional Italian dishes are a must-try for discerning palates.

At The Vorra Bistro's bar, every drink is a masterpiece crafted by expert mixologists. They offer a wide range of cocktails, satisfying both classic and contemporary tastes. From refreshing mojitos to the bold and complex old fashioned, their mixologists' expertise and creativity elevate the sensory experience. For those preferring something more traditional, a curated selection of premium beers, wines, and spirits is also available.

Nestled within the captivating surroundings of The Chiang Mai Old Town Hotel, The Vorra Bistro is conveniently located in the heart of the city. Guests can immerse themselves in a warm and inviting ambience that combines culinary excellence with a dedication to sustainability. Join them in creating unforgettable memories and savoring the best that Chiang Mai has to offer.

Features & Facilities

  • Fine Dining
  • Locally Sourced Produce
  • Seafood Available
  • Bar in Restaurant

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