Przystań Restauracja

Olsztyn, Poland

Przystań Restaurant, located in Przystań Hotel&Spa, is an excellent restaurant serving exquisite international and local cuisine.

The head chef prepares dishes using the highest quality ingredients, and the elegant atmosphere of the restaurant makes dining a truly exceptional culinary experience.

Przystań Restaurant is one of the most popular dining venues in Olsztyn. It is located in a picturesque setting on the shores of Lake Ukiel, which adds to its charm. For over 23 years, the restaurant has been renowned for its exceptional signature dishes that reflect the culinary heritage of the Warmia and Masuria region.

The restaurant offers a wide selection of Polish and international dishes prepared with the utmost care and using fresh, local ingredients. The menu regularly changes to adapt to the seasonality of products, ensuring freshness and high-quality cuisine. Przystań Restaurant is especially famous for its seafood dishes, which are a specialty of the kitchen. Visitors can enjoy various fish species such as zander and salmon, prepared in different ways, including grilled, fried, or baked.

The restaurant also offers a wide selection of wines from different regions of the world that perfectly complement the dishes served. The pleasant and elegant interior creates an atmosphere suitable for both romantic dinners and business meetings.
The beautiful view of the lake and charming terraces invite guests to savor the flavors of the dishes in the fresh air while admiring the beauty of the surrounding nature.

Features & Facilities

  • Panoramic Views
  • Sustainably Sourced Ingredients
  • Heritage Cuisine
  • Polish Cuisine
  • International Cuisine
  • Seafood Available
  • Selection of Fine Wines
  • Artistic Interior Design
  • Romantic Ambience

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