Mykonos, Greece

Polishing the experience of your stay for Ostraco Hotel & Suites means to make you feel as welcome and as comfortable as possible, with sincere, warm and genuine Greek hospitality.

In that spirit, it is common knowledge that Greeks are passionate people who enjoy life and the company of others.

Food, social life and feelings are entangled so densely. As a result, for Greeks, food, wine, an invitation to dinner is not just food on a plate; it is an invitation to one’s home and heart. Through, around, with food and mezedes (Greek finger food), Greeks love, fight, discuss, and connect. And that is exactly what they want you to feel when you enjoy a meal at Ostraco. The chef’s favorite is going off menu to address your appetite and mood.

Features & Facilities

  • Mediterranean Cuisine
  • Romantic Ambience
  • Greek Cuisine
  • Contemporary Cuisine
  • Breakfast
  • Open for Lunch & Dinner
  • Pool Bar
  • Barbeque

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