Chic Restaurant

Sapa, Vietnam

The jewel in the Hotel de la Coupole’s crown is undoubtedly Chic, the hotel’s grandiose, intimate restaurant located on the 10th floor.

The restaurant features a stunning runway which is inspired by world-class events of luxury fashion houses. The ambience in Chic brings you to a high-end fashion show in a city of fashion and luxury.

Splendid French architecture with soaring ceilings and windows makes Chic look like a haute brasserie in the heart of Paris. As night falls, Chic glows with ambient light from many lanterns lining this fancy catwalk, elevating the guests’ dining experience to a new height of opulence and style.

A classic French menu crafted from the finest local ingredients, alongside a carefully curated wine list, Chic is the perfect venue for a romantic date or exclusive business dinner with tranquil and uninterrupted views of the Sapa skyline and misty mountains.

Features & Facilities

  • Artistic Interior Design
  • Magnificent Views
  • Rooftop Restaurant
  • Bar in Restaurant

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