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restaurant Awards 2020


Vivo “Live” offers rustic and rich Italian gastronomy in a modern, contemporary setting overlooking infinite views of the Nile and Cairo Tower.

Vivo, the culinary Italian restaurant at The Nile Ritz-Carlton, Cairo infuses a rich gastronomical Italian experience in a luxuriously laidback atmosphere. The restaurant brings a part of the lush Italian countryside to the elegant setting of the iconic hotel.Under the cultural and culinary guidance of Chef Carmine Di Luggo, fresh Italian and local ingredients add an explosion of colour and flavour to infallible Italian staples, pasta, olive oil, cheeses and wines.

Chef Carmine, chef de cuisine, the city’s finest Italian chef who has cooked for the Pope during his visit in Egypt and his culinary team infuses Italian gastronomic culture and passion into fresh creations in his restaurant’s menu featuring locally sourced produce, served up in classic Ritz-Carlton style.

Vivo indulges guests with an Italian allure: the décor is contemporary chic which is complemented by panoramic views of the eternal Nile and the renowned Cairo Tower. The restaurant channels rustic Italian charm in every element, including an oven for fresh bread and sizzling pizza.

As an overture to the premium Italian experience and melt-in-the-mouth food, guests can also enjoy the soothing sounds of classical opera music and delight in cocktails and cigars at Bar’Oro, attached to Vivo and presenting the perfect welcome to a memorable experience.

Country: Egypt
Contact Number: +20 225778899