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restaurant Awards 2019

Ristorante Contrada

All the verve, charm, warmth and intensity of Mediterranean culture, distilled, this is the culinary character and style of the 28 year old Stylianos Sakalis, an internationally trained chef of Greek origin. His affiliation with Castel Monastero began in 2009 when he would begin to gain numerous experiences alongside guest chef Gordon Ramsay. These experiences would lead him to acquire, in 2016, the position of Executive Chef in Ramsay’s restaurant La Contrada.

There is no other combination like it in the world: an exceptional crew and a maestro like Gordon Ramsay. What do they have in common? A love for seasonal flavours and a passion for keeping it light.

That is the signature feature of a cuisine that Sakalis himself pinpoints as a clearly Mediterranean style with French influences topped off by unique training and by the strict use of local “zero food miles” products. The ingredients’ purity and freshness shine through, unadulterated by complex processing. The Contrada restaurant has a more structured approach. Here, Tuscan soul meets the bold international ideas from the undisputed genius of Gordon Ramsay. His menus follow the rhythms of the seasons, as the colours of the dishes evolve during the year, like those of the hills and vineyards all around.

Country: Italy
Contact Number: +39 0577570001
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