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restaurant Awards 2019

Rempah-Rempah Restaurant

Rempah-Rempah Restaurant will give you a first-class experience for breakfast, lunch and dinner, as you could expect, not only the best dishes you would relish, but also immaculate service from the staff.

Rempah-Rempah Restaurant highlights Balinese, Asian and Mediterranean cuisines and is set on a high elevation next to the lobby, overlooking the resort and the majestic Indian Ocean.

Rempah-Rempah, meaning 'rich spices' in Indonesian - is accentuated with exotic blends of stone and timber. The lush greenery as backdrop and the water ponds, along with displays of various spices, create a beautiful sensation as you dine.

The indoor dining room seats up to 45 guests, while a separate section on the lower floor deck features a 65-seat alfresco dining area and an adjacent patio with additional seats. A 24-seat private banquet lounge, known as "Banten" is also available for your small gathering with a group of friends or colleagues.

Country: Indonesia
Contact Number: +62 3618468633