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The CaranaBeach Hotel’s signature fine-dining restaurant, Lorizon boasts an ideal setting to enjoy a spectacular view paired with equally refined cuisine for a traditional, elegant dinner. Named after the uninterrupted ocean panorama seen from its elevated perch, Lorizon, which means “horizon” in Creole.

The restaurant sources most of its ingredients locally from the nearby farm on Denis Island, allowing its chefs to combine a standard of freshness with a creative flair that incorporates both a variety of international touches and local Creole elements as well. That means local farm-raised poultry and pork going into dishes like the thrice-cooked duckling and Peking duck risotto, the slow-cooked flank and Denis Island suckling pig, as well as fresh catches from the ocean deployed creatively in dishes, such as the sugar-cured kingfish with grapefruit.

Lorizon has also earned a reputation for its exquisitely presented desserts, which include a deconstructed lemon meringue tart, an Eton “messed up” cake based on the British classic, and its famous Golden Gaytime, a combination of butterscotch and vanilla ice creams with chocolate and honeycomb.

Country: Seychelles
Contact Number: +248 4383333
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