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restaurant Awards 2020

Latest Recipe

Located in the heart of Bangkok, Latest Recipe occupies a modern mezzanine space above the foyer of Le Méridien, Bangkok Hotel.

Currently, “La Dolce Vita – from the iconic Mediterranean enclaves of Nice and Portofino to the essence of Asia” graces the Lunch, Dinner and Sunday Brunch Buffet buffets.

Seafood satisfies cravings with the freshest and best from seas near and far. Salmon is smoked three-ways in-house and pasta is freshly homemade and cooked. Not to mention more seafood and tender meats sizzled on the teppan grill plus premium sushi + sashimi servings.

Expert chefs prepare strawberry risotto, foie gras, scallop tartar, and egg Rossini. From wood-fired oven-cooked pizzas to noodle dishes everything reaches the diner in peak condition. The dessert station also embraces the Dolce Vita spirit with exquisite dishes.

Beverage concepts, including wine, sparkling wine, champagne and specialty coffee by Le Méridien Bangkok’s award winning Master Batista “Son Nguyen”.