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restaurant Awards 2020


Chef Rafa Costa e Silva opened Lasai restaurant in 2014 in a historic house in Rio where the terrace has a view to the famous landmark of Christ the Redeemer. Rafa trained in Europe and America before returning to Brazil to open his critically acclaimed restaurant in Rio. He has two gardens that produce at least 50% of the items used to inspire the daily menu at Lasai. Eggs, vegetables and roots are some of the products that Rafa has in more than 10,000 square meters.

Lasai also partners with local, small and organic producers from Rio, and in doing so, aims to bring you your most memorable dining experience. Lasai presents two menus composed daily from the freshest in-season produce, your dining experience will depend on what the earth and the ocean offer on that given day. Inspired by Brazilian tradition, the ingredients are transformed with skillful preparation and modern techniques.

In less than one year of opening, Lasai received multiple awards, among them for “Best New Chef”, “Best New Restaurant”, and placed 7th in the Top 50 Restaurants in the World. In August 2015, Lasai received the title of Best Restaurant and Chef of the Year 2015, the two main prizes of the O Globo newspaper, in its weekly magazine “Rio Show Gastronomia”. This is the most important prize in Rio de Janeiro. In 2015, Lasai was also awarded one Michelin star.

Country: Brazil
Contact Number: +55 2134491834
Awards this Restaurant has won: