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restaurant Awards 2020

Due Camini

Borgo Egnazia’s gourmet Restaurant, Due Camini, is the place for those who seek an unparalleled food experience that is refined and elegant.

Thanks to executive Chef Domingo Schingaro and the supervision by star-awarded coach Andrea Ribaldone, Due Camini offers a true “auteur cuisine”, complex yet authentic and simple, where Apulian traditions are revamped through their culinary touch, using carefully selected ingredients and skillful creative cooking methods.

Such an original and unforgettable experience is matched with the precious wines that sommelier, Giuseppe Cupertino picks from over 750 labels vaulted in the Due Camini cellars - a collection of Puglia’s most excellent wines.

Dining at Due Camini means enjoying an excellent gourmet menu and to harmoniously blend into its evocative and refined environment, made precious by the rough limestone and wood of the main hall, as the light swashes its candles in a warm tale told of Puglia.

Master of ceremony and manager of this special place is Donato Marzolla, who is pleased to welcome guests to Borgo Egnazia’s smartest restaurant, a place where excellences meet and the genuine talents of cuisine and catering are found.

Country: Italy
Contact Number: +39 0802255000
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