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restaurant Awards 2019

Don's Bistro Hanoi

Don’s Bistro by famed Montreal-born Chef Don Berger, is a Bistro for chefs by a chef with an oyster bar and an impressive menu ranging from authentic international specialties to sophisticated fusion dishes, all mastered to perfection.

You don't have to be a chef to enjoy a great experience, but you will likely find other chefs and restauranteurs love to dine here. The views are stunning as is the decor and artwork, the service is warm and refined due to Chef Don's time as a chef at Ritz Carlton hotels in Laguna Niguel, San Francisco and Hong Kong. Start with a bespoke cocktail, and then pair your meal with Don's particular and impressive selection of International wines. End off with a premium cigar and a fine rare dijestif.

Dine indoors or out, chic or casual, smoking or non-smoking. Chef Don's focus is on organic local produce, top-notch imported items in season, such as White Truffles, 72 month-aged Pata Negra ham, dry aged Premium beef, live French and Canadian oysters and lobsters along with flawless service. The menu is truly international in ingredients, methods and technique, reflecting 38 years in the luxury hospitality industry in Canada, Hawaii, California, Monte Carlo, Milan, Paris, London, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Tokyo, Bangkok and now Hanoi, another fascinating capital city.

Country: Vietnam
Contact Number: +84 37193719
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