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restaurant Awards 2019

Bodega Katxiña Restaurant

Bodega Katxiña offers you a unique food experience in the Basque Country, a region renowned for its outstanding cuisine, in the surroundings of a small fishing village called Orio hailed as the home of the red bream.

The Katxiña family has been cooking barbecued fish and meat for more than 40 years now. The Katxiñas pay attention to every last detail, even designing a special grill to ensure that everything is cooked to perfection. Four years ago they decided to found Bodega Katxiña to create the perfect accompaniment for their grilled fish and meat dishes: the typical local white wine, Txakoli Katxiña.

Now the son of the founders, Iñaki Zendoia, has established the winery’s restaurant as one of the most highly esteemed establishments on the Basque restaurant scene in the space of only two years. The restaurant offers an effortless fusion of fresh local produce and the flavours of the Cantabrian Sea, infused with the aromas of an authentic barbecue grill.

This winery nestled amidst green hills and vineyards with an extensive welcoming courtyard provides the ideal setting to enjoy these products in a natural setting. The interior space with panoramic windows for major events and the gourmet dining room ensure you make the most of your time at Restaurante Bodega Katxiña: a restaurant designed to enjoy life and the pleasures of the natural surroundings.

Country: Spain
Contact Number: +67 7684202
Awards this Restaurant has won: