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Delve into the wonderful world of Indonesian cuisine at Bejana, at The Ritz-Carlton, Bali. Sample wonderfully rich world-famous Rendang, discover Bebek Betutu, a Balinese specialty of roast duck wrapped in banana leaf, or take a culinary trip around the archipelago with Rijsttafel – a multi-course meal comprised of popular regional dishes. Make sure to try the tantalizing array of chilli sauces on offer, brimming with the fiery flavours of the Spice Islands.

Offering a signature luxury dining experience, Bejana clings to the clifftops and features an expansive outdoor dining terrace with dramatic views over the resort and the ocean. Those looking for a more intimate and personalized dining experience are invited to join the Chef’s Table. While guests wishing to master the art of Indonesian cookery can do so at the Culinary Cave, a beautifully-equipped culinary space dedicated to private cooking classes and hands-on instruction from the restaurant's chefs.

With capacity for up to 120 guests, Bejana is a fine choice for intimate celebrations and private dinners for your inner circle.

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