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Listings in Denmark


Kokkeriet is a discreet secret of Copenhagen, well hidden in a beautiful old building in the charming neighbourhood of Nyboder.

Restaurant Bonjour Vietnam

Restaurant Bonjour Vietnam is located in beautiful settings just next to The New Theater, ‘Det Ny Teater’ in the Theater Arcade, ‘Teaterarkaden’ at Vesterbro, Copenhagen.

Restaurant Brace

"Brace" has several meanings. In the context of a building, it is that which holds a construction, supporting the foundation. Brace is the base for the new restaurant concept of fusing the Nordic and Italian cuisine.

Restaurant Paustian

Restaurant Paustian has created an unpretentious lunch menu at Østerbro – in beautiful surroundings by the water at Nordhavn in Copenhagen. The building from 1987 is designed by the world renowned Danish architect Jørn Utzon.

Restaurant Wohlert

Restaurant Wohlert is located at Schæffergaarden in Gentofte and is open for all. Here one can enjoy a romantic dinner, an everyday dinner with children, or celebrate some of life’s great events.

The Balcony

Excellent food delivered with sublime service is the simple mission of The Balcony. Modern cuisine is the main style of the restaurant, with inspiration gathered from all over the world. However traditional preparation and cooking methods give the dishes an old-style twist.

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