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restaurant Awards 2019


Listings in Taiwan

Chef A-Ji Dimsum Restaurant

The Chef A-Chi Dimsum Restaurant is located by the Wharf. This is the best place to enjoy a scenic view of Guanyin Mountain and the Tamsui River.

French Windows

French Windows is a place to see and to be seen. It is not only known for its cozy atmosphere and breathtaking scenery magnificently framed by floor-to-ceiling French window in the reception area, but also offers a classy high-tea.

GMT Gourmet Kitchen

Based on Mediterranean-style cuisine, GMT Gourmet Kitchen situated in the Grand Mayfull Hotel Taipei, presents a map of delicacies by bringing an abundance of fresh, locally produced vegetables and fruits featuring premium meats, which are all carefully selected by the chef.

La Rotisserie

La Rotisserie, the top-notch French BBQ restaurant of Palais de Chine, has an open kitchen where all the guests can enjoy amazing cooking techniques from the chef.

Paris 1930

Paris 1930 is the first authentic fine dining French restaurant in Taiwan. Embodying French cuisine in all its artistic simplicity and perfection, with every dish up to par in presentation and taste, making it the place of choice for gourmands and connoisseurs.

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