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Listings in Singapore

10 at Claymore

10 at Claymore is Pan Pacific Orchard, Singapore's signature restaurant that highlights modern bistro grill techniques, offering a sumptuous collection of contemporary cuisine, accentuated by a signature Pacific Touch.

Blossom Restaurant

BLOSSOM, Singapore’s latest contemporary Chinese restaurant is nestled in the lobby of the iconic Marina Bay Sands.

iILido at the Cliff

Embedded within nature-inspired surroundings with magical sunset views over the stunning South China Sea, ilLido at The Cliff is Singapore’s most well-established Italian fine dining destination celebrating the finest authentic Italian cuisine and the elegant comforts of coastal Italy, much akin

Rang Mahal

Since its establishment in 1971, originally housed in the now defunct Imperial Hotel, Rang Mahal moved to its contemporary premises at Pan Pacific Hotel in 2001.

Table by Rang Mahal

Table by Rang Mahal is located within the lobby of the swanky Naumi Hotel at Seah Street, Singapore. This modern restaurant offers diners a relaxed, bistro style dining concept with a selection of contemporary and authentic Indian dishes.

The Salon

Nestled amongst 18 hectares of historic national parkland, overlooking the heart of the city from one of Singapore’s most coveted postal codes, The Salon provides food connoisseurs with a specially curated selection of international favourites and signature Singapore cuisine.

Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant

Wan Hao Chinese Restaurant truly redefines the art of Chinese fine dining in Singapore, representing the epitome of luxury with a tantalising array of classic Cantonese delicacies served amidst an Oriental oasis.


Xperience Restaurant is a casual chic restaurant and bar, housed within one of Singapore’s most iconic neo-classical buildings in the Central Business District – Sofitel So Singapore.


Yantra restaurant pays tribute to fine Indian cuisine with a balanced mix of classic and contemporary dishes. In loving, reverent and highly skilled hands, the beloved dishes of the motherland are recreated with a purist’s precision.

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