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restaurant Awards 2019


Yantra restaurant pays tribute to fine Indian cuisine with a balanced mix of classic and contemporary dishes. In loving, reverent and highly skilled hands, the beloved dishes of the motherland are recreated with a purist’s precision.

Situated in upscale Tanglin Mall, Yantra is a sanctuary of calm, cloaked in warm earthy tones that are reminiscent of ancient India. With minimal embellishment and light, airy interiors, the star of the show is the food. The supporting cast is the service. The front row seats are the guests, wherever they may be seated in the expansive 1,000 sq ft interior.

Elevating the best of India’s beloved street food to haute cuisine, Yantra serves an extensive menu of classic and fusion chaat dishes. At lunchtime, a North Indian buffet serves up quality and value while satisfying the need for speed among time-starved corporates.

In a market where only the best survive, Yantra has secured its place in the upper echelons of Singapore’s dining scene since its opening almost a decade ago. It has won not only awards, but the hearts of society’s most discerning diners.

Country: Singapore
Contact Number: +65 68363088