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restaurant Awards 2019


Trésind, Dubai is an award winning progressive fine dining concept that serves an astute translation of authentic Indian cuisine. Overlooking the beautiful landscape of Sheikh Zayed Road and iconic Burj Khalifa, the restaurant is located conveniently on the second level of Nassima Royal Hotel on Sheikh Zayed Road.

Spread over an of 6000 square feet, the restaurant enjoys a contemporary setting featuring minimal and warm tones, with a sleek design aesthetic that perfectly complements the quality of the food and beverage offering.

Right at the entrance, diners are greeted by Tresind’s modish bar lounge which embodies the glamorous soul of the designer, hosting exclusive and fashionable parties where guests can sip on Indian ingredient fused cocktails. Adorned by signature elements, the bar is elegantly finished with antique wood and creative seating arrangements.

To best complement the uber-chic interiors, Executive Chef Himanshu Saini has skilfully crafted a culinary experience that engages all the senses. Inspired by the unique concept of molecular gastronomy, the menu showcases authentic Indian delicacies that are presented in the most modernistic approach. Ideations like Deconstructed pani puri, modernist chaat trolley, wild mushroom chai or chicken shawarma kulcha and pickled vegetables, not only reflects the uniqueness of the brand but also gives a refreshing twist to the most discerning epicureans.

Contact Number: +971 564209754
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