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restaurant Awards 2018

Tamarind Nairobi

Nairobi’s iconic seafood restaurant opened in August 1977, in the Central Business District of Nairobi. It is now located in the leafy suburbs of Karen at the Karen Blixen coffee garden and is open daily for dinner.

As does the sister restaurant in Mombasa, The Tamarind Nairobi also specializes in seafood which is caught fresh from the coast daily. The menu is a blend of the best of French, Asian and African cuisine. The Tamarind’s speciality is seafood and only the freshest ingredients are used. The Prawns Piri Piri, Chilli Crab and Lobster Tamarind have earned the restaurant worldwide fame.

Winner of several best Kenya Restaurant Awards, the Nairobi Tamarind has established a reputation of its own for the superior cuisine and service provided in the quiet, elegant atmosphere of the restaurant. Tamarind is open for dinner daily from 6.30 pm.

Country: Kenya
Contact Number: +254 719 865481