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restaurant Awards 2019

Senses Restaurant

The Senses project is based on the concept of culinary creations that engage all senses. The dishes combine aromas, flavours, sounds, various textures and memories to create an exceptional experience. Senses aims to deliver the perfect meal, an experience of pure pleasure, which will forever last in your taste memory.

Their ambition is to create a beautiful space with outstanding service. Chef Andrea Camastra, together with her team of chefs, carefully perfects her culinary delights by creating classic Polish and international dishes with a modern twist.

The Senses kitchen is characterised by freedom and dynamics. The products used are seasonal, therefore an exciting unforeseen menu can always be expected. Their free-range, ecological farm is the source of their fallow deer and feral hogs. They boast eels from around Elbląg, rock lobsters from Portugal, sea urchins from the south of Italy and delicious truffles from Umbria. A true celebration of specially sourced, quality, fresh ingredients.

The restaurant is located in Warsaw’s city centre, on the historical Bielańska Street.

Country: Poland
Contact Number: +48 733360000
Awards this Restaurant has won: