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restaurant Awards 2018

Restaurant Paustian

Restaurant Paustian has created an unpretentious lunch menu at Østerbro – in beautiful surroundings by the water at Nordhavn in Copenhagen. The building from 1987 is designed by the world renowned Danish architect Jørn Utzon.

The Restaurant’s way of food is not limited in any certain direction, and because of that there is no limit in seeking wide inspiration for the dishes served – all parts of the world influence the cuisine.
When stepping into Restaurant Paustian, you step into a lunch restaurant at Østerbro – but the flavours are not limited to Nordic cuisine, they represent all food cultures.

The lunch menu contains 10-12 different dishes, which change according to the seasons and new inspiration from the chefs. It is recommended to choose 2-3 different servings for lunch.

Country: Denmark
Contact Number: + 45 39 18 55 01