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restaurant Awards 2019

Restaurant Brace

"Brace" has several meanings. In the context of a building, it is that which holds a construction, supporting the foundation. Brace is the base for the new restaurant concept of fusing the Nordic and Italian cuisine.

The core philosophy of Restaurant Brace lays in fusing these two fascinating gastronomical worlds. By respecting each element, the restaurant is able to thrive from what nature offers in both regions. The restaurant invites guests to try some of their favourite flavours from both the Nordic and Italian kitchen, combined.

Executive Chef and Co-Founder, Nicola Fanetti, has combined his culinary experience which has served as an inspiration in developing a connection between the two cuisines.

At Brace, each dish is intended to value and emphasize the natural taste of carefully chosen ingredients. The menu changes seasonally, with a large focus on organic products.

In collaboration with the in-house Sommelier, wines are selected from small producers of the old and new world. Two levels of wine pairing are offered for the menu.

Country: Denmark
Contact Number: +45 28882001
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