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restaurant Awards 2019


Pastel – a modern, stylish Israeli brasserie led by owner Itzik Hengal and Chef Tavakuli. Pastel restaurant is situated in a lively area that houses the city’s premier cultural institutions. The restaurant attracts visitors from the Tel-Aviv Museum of Art, the Cameri Theatre, and the Israeli Opera, as well as guests out on the town, enjoying its unique location. Architects Alon Baranowitz and Irina Kronenberg were responsible for the restaurant’s design, which has earned the title of “Best Designed Restaurant” in the worldwide competition Space Design Award – Idea Tops of 2014. The restaurant was designed as an integral part of the new wing of the museum, designed by American architect Preston Scott Cohen. The building’s exterior layer is sucked in sculpturally to create the seating and bar area. The restaurant is comprised of three separate seating areas, each offering a different dining experience: the central space; the spacious terrace overlooking the sculpture garden; and the “cocoon” – a tucked-away, hidden bar that is a world of its own. Each space offers a variety of seating areas and a wide range of styles and ambiences for wining and dining. The restaurant dedicates a great deal of emphasis to the small details, in the quality of service as well as the food. Chef Hilel Tavakuli creates Mediterranean dishes with a modern interpretation, dishes that complete the cultural experience of the location and are often described as works of art in their own right. The menu is precise, leading guests on a one of a kind culinary journey.

Country: Israel
Contact Number: +972 36447441
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