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restaurant Awards 2018

Kobe Cuisine

Kobe Cuisine in Queenstown New Zealand offers an excellent, modern interpretation of Japanese cuisine (or Asian Fusion), based around seasonal ‘sharing’ menus. The chefs use fresh local and Japanese ingredients, designed to develop flavours and heighten sensations with every taste.

Kampai and unwind among friends as you enjoy some exquisite cuisine, a relaxed atmosphere and breath-taking views over Lake Hayes, Arrowtown and the Queenstown basin. Set in the heart of Millbrook Resort, one of New Zealand’s leading resorts, this restaurant is surrounded by inspirational views. The Food & Beverage Manager, Russell Heron and Resort Executive Chef, Andi Bozhiqi create dishes with the team which reflect the region.

One of the signature dishes is a dish from the land - Wagyu Usuyaki - 和牛うす焼き : Seared thinly sliced grade 8 Wagyu, sauteed mushrooms, tofu mousse, pickled shiitake, baby leek, miso cured egg yolk endive with warishita jus.

Country: New Zealand
Contact Number: +64 3 441 7000