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restaurant Awards 2019

iILido at the Cliff

Embedded within nature-inspired surroundings with magical sunset views over the stunning South China Sea, ilLido at The Cliff is Singapore’s most well-established Italian fine dining destination celebrating the finest authentic Italian cuisine and the elegant comforts of coastal Italy, much akin to dining in the very best restaurants in Venice and the Amalfi Coast. Inspired by the playful island leisure destination of Venice’s Lido Island, ilLido is an original restaurant brand by renowned restaurateur Beppe De Vito and is one of Singapore’s most iconic and longstanding Italian fine dining establishments since its inception ten years ago.

Located on the premises of the old The Cliff restaurant, ilLido is set to be an exceptional epicurean journey like no other. ilLido at The Cliff’s cuisine showcases formidable Italian classics made using only the best seasonal ingredients from Italy.

The menu is an extensive expression of Italian creativity, featuring a wide variety of antipasto, pastas and wholesome mains that features the finest and freshest ingredients from the land and the sea, with an emphasis on seasonal produce.

Country: Singapore
Contact Number: +65 67088360
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