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restaurant Awards 2019

Hotel Hermitage Restaurant

The restaurant at the Hermitage Hotel &Spa is the place where traditions meet the contemporary. The collaboration established between Chef Francesco Sposito of the two Michelin stars restaurant Taverna Estia and the Chef of the Hermitage, Roberto Pession, has given rise to a number of ideas designed to enhance traditional dishes with a highly personal, contemporary twist. An elegant atmosphere of good taste where you will feel pampered and won over by the flavors, the welcome and service which is always special, cared for, precise and kind. The dining room is surrounded by windows that frame the mountains and the mighty Matterhorn. The best local, top quality, fresh and genuine products are served alongside excellent regional and national foods. The carefully studied menu, featuring traditional alpine dishes, can be accompanied by over 800 fine labels from the wine cellar.

Country: Italy
Contact Number: +39 0166 948998