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restaurant Awards 2018

Brasserie 9

Brasserie 9 by Gourmet House is a French restaurant where experienced personnel prepare exceptional cuisine from only the highest quality ingredients. Diners can relish a wide variety of flavours and textures in the far-reaching menu, from the outstanding Bouillabaisse to the signature Entrecôte Café de Paris and Foie Gras.

The elegant ambience merges elements of classic Western culture with modern motifs, whilst the chefs and wine experts delight patrons with stunning cuisine and beverages, naturally including top French and New World wines.

The à la carte French menu specialises in exemplary seafood and meat dishes with fare such as Steak Flambé and Crêpes Suzettes cooked at table side. There is also an exquisite set dinner, where you can choose from three to seven courses.

Brasserie 9 seeks out the very finest ingredients for their recipes, and prepares them to perfection in the state-of-the-art kitchen. All the most superb elements are drawn together with the unrivalled know-how of the Chefs, to make sure you enjoy the best of authentic French cuisine at every visit.

Country: Thailand
Contact Number: +66 21084288
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