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restaurant Awards 2019

AB Steak by Chef Akira Back

Upon entering AB Steak – one is immediately transported to another place -you are no longer at MD Place Building nor Jakarta. Warm ambience resulted from modern interior design, targeted lighting and carefully selected music are key elements to enhance every guests’ experience while dining in AB Steak.

It is not enough for Chef Back to bring smoky charcoal grilled steak to the table, AB Steak aged the house aged premium meat in a unique meat chamber.

Attention is paid to every single detail in order to grill the best steak. From the ranges of 45 days house aged meat, premium cuts, special Japanese beef – charcoal grill with apple wood chips smoke, different kinds of Salt (Truffle, Himalayan, Garlic, Yuja, Yuzu) and Korean flairs from the five different kinds of sauces (Sesame oil with sea salt & black pepper, ssamjang, bulgogi, soy & grated wasabi, chimichurri).

With space to accommodate 72 guests, a few private dining room that seats up to 6 and 12 people, AB Steak by Chef Akira Back is ready to elevate Jakarta’s culinary scene and presents the best steakhouse in town.

Country: Indonesia
Contact Number: +62 21 29669272
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